edco roofs

  • DurablITY
    Metal roofing used for roofing and sidewall applications, utilizing the latest technology to be extremely long lasting. The material we use will not warp, peel, split or crack. It even defies winds in excess of 150 mph. This roofing system can easily withstand frigid winters and blistering sun temperatures.
  • Environment
    This product is environmentally safe. It uses the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of material I used.
  • Performance
    The unique 4-way locking system is engineered for quick and easy labour, which helps keep down labour costs. It is permanent and virtually maintenance free.
  • Options This system comes in a variety of colours and textures.
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Long Lasting
Metal Roof

Wind Tights and Weather Resistant

These roofs stand up against strong winds (180km per hour) without lift or movement of its components.

Energy and Cost Efficient

This energy efficient system can save you money on your cooling and heating bill because the daily ceiling heat flow space is reduced by almost 34%.

Fire Safe

Our roofs are made of steel materials, which are non-combustible.

Acid Resistant & Rust Proof

Our roofs have a protective KYNAR finish, preventing erosion and other aesthetic issues cause by acid. The steel finish will not tarnish or rust rain.

Hail Resistant

Reduced risk of tearing, cracking, fracturing, splitting during hail storms.

Sheds Snow and Ice

This roof keeps the winter hazard of heavy snow and ice off your house or building.

Resistant to environmental conditions

The steel surface of the shingles are designed to not attract rot, moss and fungus growth.

Insect and Vermin Resistant

The interlocking shingle design acts as a barrier against insects and vermin.


These steel roof systems are quiet, even when it rains.


The steel shingles used are made of 98% recycled material.